laborer, craftsman, or an artist?

A man who uses his hands is a laborer
One who uses his hands and mind is a craftsman
He who uses his hands and his mind and his heart is an artist

I came upon this quote recently, and it helps me evaluate what I am when I'm doing something. I enjoy creating new pieces, sketching up ideas, making prototypes. Right then I feel like an artist - using my hands, my mind, and passion from my heart.

Then there are these times like today, when I was making 15 of the same necklaces to fulfill an order. It relaxing to sit by the window, basking in the sun, and work on felted necklaces mindlessly. Yes, mindlessly. A sudden frustration sneaked upon me, realizing that I missed out the beautiful spring weather. I took off my laborer hat and left my work table.
There seems to be a fine line between a laborer, a craftsman, and an artist.


  1. I love these! I can't wait to hear where & when they'll be sold...

  2. Anonymous5.4.11

    Your work is absolutely lovely! I love stones and you make them in felt! incredible. How can I send you a private message regarding the selling of your items in my new shop online? Thank you!