Lavender buds and acorn caps

I love acorns, the combination of woodiness and soft felted fabric is fantastic. I have few lavender filled felted pebbles in my room, and I like having the scent of lavender slightly fills up the space. So I decided to create a lavender filled acorns. A handful of these in my drawer and next to my bed is so delightful.
I recently got giant (i mean GIANT) size acorn caps to work with. It's double the size (or more) of regular acorn caps I've been using to make felted acorns. First I felted a thin sheet of felted fabric, then added a spoonful of fragrant lavender buds from a farm in Oregon. With some sewing and glue, tada! A lavender filled felted acorn!
I read on a knitting blog that lavender scent/buds keep away moths from eating sweaters (a hole!) stored away in a closet. I'm keeping some of these lavender acorns in my drawer!

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